Homemade Croutons

To start off, you will need a cutting board, a serrated knife and bread.  Long loaves of French bread or bagettes tend to get hard after a couple days and that is the perfect time to start making croutons or crackers.  But if you cannot get to it right away you can still use it – it just might take a little more work slicing it.

For croutons cut the bread into long strips and then smaller squares.  For the actual size – think about what you want to eat on a salad.  Granted, cutting up day old bread is not the most exciting thing you will do during the day, but you do not want to rush through it and end up with mouth-size croutons.

For crackers, slice the bread as thin as you can – or as thin as you want your crackers to be.

Next, arrange the croutons or crackers on a baking sheet.  This is the way to spread them out.

This picture is how NOT to do it.  You do not want the bread overlapping.  At this point, the bread still needs to dry out more so it really needs to be exposed to the air.

Leave the bread out until it is dry.


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